Happy Place

I visited The Haven at Skanda for the first time recently. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a place that rescues broken animals. Animals that may have been ill or abused or emotionally broken. I thought maybe the feeling would be that of sadness or chaos but that wasn’t the case. There was peace. From the moment I drove down the long driveway, the air changed. I could breathe better, so I could totally understand why these beautiful creatures could too. The barns have that rustic, peeling paint kind of charm that I love. The fences are made up of a variety of materials. The fields are unmanicured and the volunteers quietly care for these beauties while adorned with tshirts, jeans and muddy boots. The animals that are allowed to roam freely, do just that. The ones that need special attention, get it. The ones that have settled in, seem content. I can picture myself sitting on any one of the many benches and watching the animals play. They give unconditional love. You can see it and you can feel it. The top priority is their safety and their care. There is a softness on this farm. No yelling. No rush. Just kind conversations that the animals seems to understand. I’m in awe of the concept of this farm. I’m in awe of the volunteers and of this organization. When you’re treated with kindness and love you flourish. The animals live at their own pace. When I left that day the feeling stayed with me. I think I may have found my new happy place. I know the animals certainly have. To learn more about this organization visit http://www.thehavenatskanda.org 

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